Tour of Kinder House

  1. The Entrance Hall
The Entrance Hall introduces the visitor to the Rev. John Kinder, whose portrait by Lindauer shows him in doctoral robes (he was a noted theological scholar and was awarded a Doctorate of Divinity in addition to his MA from Cambridge University.

2. The Drawing Room
The Drawing Room displays examples of John Kinder's watercolours, showing New Zealand as it was more than 100 years ago.The elegant french doors, which open onto the garden, are glazed directly into metal hoop sections, giving a leaded light effect, a technique developed by the architect.Art exhibitions are held in this room of NZ artists.

3. The Dining Room

The Dining Room, the largest room in the House, displays an extensive collection of John Kinder's photographs of the North Island of New Zealand. Most of these were taken in the 1860's.
The display cases contain memorabilia of John Kinder and his wife Celia and other items related to the Kinder family. The room is also used for temporary art exhibitions.

4. The Study
John Kinder was the first headmaster of the early Church of England Grammar School, which was located nearby. He used this room as his Study. It contains photographs of other members of the Kinder family and copies of paintings by John Kinder.

The Study - bay window
The Study - cabinet wall

5. The Park-Garden
Features of the park are designed on the Gothic Revival landscape style to replicate the natural woodlands of England. The ancient oak trees mingle with the Aotearoa native trees providing a habitat for visitors and bird life The development of the wild flower meadow is to encourage non toxic spray and drought resistance plantings and to save the native birds, bees,butterflies and skinks. A winter display of daffodils and in the summer of sunflowers to brighten the park/garden. 

6. The Tearoom
The Tearoom displays the early history of the House and the Church of England Grammar School, of which Kinder was its first headmaster.

7. Special Displays

Antiquarius - antique objects; and Harriet Sommerville - silverware