Civic Trust Auckland

In 2006 Civic Trust Auckland began using Kinder House for its monthly board meetings.

In early 2007 Civic Trust Auckland was invited to share the office (Study) with the Kinder House Society and this has now become its formal headquarters. Civic Trust Auckland's secretary, Carol Sanders acts as a voluntary tour guide of the gallery two days a week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On these days there will be responses to any e-mails sent to Civic Trust Auckland, at its office e-mail address: Where urgent responses are required to e-mails, then it will be necessary to contact the secretary, or board members direct, at their individual e-mail addresses.

There is a very close working relationship between the Kinder House Society and Civic Trust Auckland. The two organisations share much in common and have similar ideals. Anyone wishing to contact the Kinder House Society may do so either directly or via Civic Trust Auckland.